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            來源:http://www.greenroomtheatrecamp.com   發布時間:2023-07-16      

            據了解,“我的百科”是百度今年3月正式推出的個人影響力合作計劃 ,邀請頭部紅人共創個人百科詞條,全網流量情況、聯系方式、合作案例等信息都會被聚合呈現。
            It is understood that "My Encyclopedia" is a personal influence cooperation plan officially launched by Baidu in March this year. It invites top celebrities to jointly create personal encyclopedia entries, and information such as network traffic, contact information, and cooperation cases will be aggregated and presented.
            One more platform is one more layer of imagination, not to mention "My Encyclopedia" is backed by 1 billion Baidu Baike traffic. My encyclopedia can precisely address these pain points and needs, providing a one-stop aggregation of content and commercialization. Based on Baidu's traffic ecosystem, it links major platforms with search fields, providing a direct path for commercial monetization.
            My Encyclopedia simplifies these processes by compressing dozens of pages of PPT introduction files into a single page online card, which aggregates the influencer's network traffic performance, personal achievements, platform account information, MCN, business cooperation contact information, business cases, and other content. The data is updated in real-time and supports one click access to the influencer's various platform homepage.
            My encyclopedia will also be connected to Baidu's search and recommendation scenarios, and the latest updates, videos, text, and other content posted by creators will be distributed to Baidu Search+Recommendation Scenarios.
            That is to say, with just one "My Encyclopedia" card, experts can showcase their entire network content matrix and comprehensive information to all users.
            而“我的百科”的權威性,一定程度上也能為這些創作者的影響力背書。 在“我的百科”背后是運營16年的百度百科,截至目前收錄詞條超過2700萬個,日均檢索量超過10億次。
            The authority of 'My Encyclopedia' can also to some extent endorse the influence of these creators. Behind "My Encyclopedia" is Baidu Baike, which has been operating for 16 years. Up to now, it has included more than 27 million entries and retrieved more than 1 billion times a day.
            On this basis, "My Encyclopedia" also integrates the traffic matrix of Baidu series, which will be displayed at the top of Baidu's top search rankings.
            Baidu Search itself holds the largest market share of domestic search engines and is irreplaceable. The precise traffic generated through search is often an excellent opportunity for creators to showcase their personal IP.
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